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Whether the divorce situation you find yourself in was a choice you have made or was made for you, Cosner Youngelson Counselors at Law is with you every step of the way. No matter what your unique situation looks like, when you have divorce concerns in Somerville, there is only one place to turn: Cosner Youngelson Counselors at Law.

We have seen after over 35 years in practice the damage prolonged divorce litigation can bring and try to avoid that experience for our clients. Legal separation is another option that Cosner Youngelson Counselors at Law uses and can lead to less stress for the clients within the Somerville area. Your divorce advocate will counsel you on the rights, benefits and drawback of this arrangement so you can make the right choice for yourself.


At Cosner Youngelson Counselors at Law, we believe in helping every day individuals just like you. A divorce case can be a major problem, pulling your life in Somerville to a halt. Our legal professionals know how to litigateefficiently, leading to a successful divorce case and settlement for our clients.

Part of our practice at Cosner Youngelson Counselors at Law is providing people in Somerville with help for the rest of their life. We'll use our over 35 years of experience in your divorce case to help you move on and meet your life goals. Contact Cosner Youngelson Counselors at Law using the information below:

Cosner Youngelson Counselors at Law


197 Highway 18

East Brunswick, NJ 08816

(732) 937-8000

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