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As advocates for senior citizens and their rights, we at Cosner Youngelson Counselors at Law devote ourselves entirely to our Edison clients and their needs. We help you get the results you want through our Elder services. 

The elder law attorneys at Cosner Youngelson Counselors at Law in Edison have a wealth of experience crafting senior care and estate plans to meet the Elder needs of their clients and the families who care for them. Our professionals will ensure that all your Elder questions are answered and your Elder concerns are addressed. When you can no longer make your own Elder decisions, we want to ensure that the person you choose, whether in Edison or afar, will act in your best interest on your behalf. With over 35 years in the Elder business, we will help ensure that you have thought through all the decisions well ahead of time so you can minimize potential pain and conflict.

In addition to caring for seniors in our Edison community, the attorneys at Cosner Youngelson Counselors at Law handle special needs law as well. From people with disabilities to those facing end-of-life decisions, our team of Elder experts promotes planning now for the future you want to have. Many people in Edison have the same Elder questions and we are here to help you get the answers you need. The issues related to elder law require paying special attention to the Elder concerns faced by people as they age as well as the issues their families face in Edison while caring for them. Knowing your Elder options of time can make a big difference.

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