New Jersey Probate/Estate Administration Attorneys

Cosner Youngelson advises clients on the full spectrum of simple to complex estate administration and probate matters. When someone in New Jersey passes away, his or her estate goes through the probate and administration process in order to transfer the decedent’s assets to his or her heirs and beneficiaries.  Firm attorneys know how to manage the probate and administration process to ensure the transfer of assets as efficiently as possible after death.  Contact a Firm estate and probate attorney to schedule a free initial consultation.

If the deceased had a valid will, estate assets will be distributed after death according to the terms of that will.  Cosner Youngelson attorneys know how to shepherd the will through the probate process, which involves submitting it to the court to determine its validity and having an executor appointed to administer the estate.

If the deceased did not leave a valid will, the estate is “intestate.” An Administrator is appointed to administer the estate and assets are distributed according to New Jersey law.    Cosner Youngelson attorneys are familiar with the laws of intestacy and know how to guide families through this type of estate administration.

Once appointed, an Executor or Administrator must gather the assets of the deceased, pay all of the estate expenses and creditors, file appropriate tax returns and other tax forms, and account to the heirs for his or her actions.  Each one of these steps has complex and different legal requirements, and each must be done properly prior to the transfer of estate assets to the heirs and beneficiaries.  The attorneys at Cosner Youngelson know how to ensure that the estate administration proceeds correctly so that the Executor or Administrator has no liability to the heirs when the estate administration is complete.

New Jersey estates often involve issues relating to New Jersey inheritance tax, New Jersey estate tax, Federal Estate tax and state and federal income taxes. Founding Attorney Alan G. Cosner is a former Internal Revenue Service agent and accountant, and is experienced with helping clients limit their tax exposure during the administration process.  Firm attorneys are careful to ensure that our clients pay the minimum legally allowable taxes through the estate administration process.

Cosner Youngelson also handles will contests involving allegations of undue influence or issues of testator competency or legal capacity.  Such issues often arise where a family member unfairly is “cut out” of a will, or where the deceased executed a will at a time when he or she was not competent.  Firm attorneys know the law in these areas and have significant experience negotiating appropriate resolutions or in taking such cases to trial.

The probate and estate administration process is complex and can be very difficult, emotional and time consuming.  Hiring an experienced Cosner Youngelson probate and estate administration attorney to assist you will make the process move more smoothly and efficiently, and will ensure that the administration will be handled properly.  Our goal is to make sure the process runs smoothly, and we will help your loved ones through the entire estate administration and probate. Contact us today to discuss how our comprehensive estate administration practice can help you through this emotional process in a cost-effective and efficient manner.