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personal injuryHow can I get compensation for injuries?

There are several ways to recover payment for damages you have suffered.

  • You may be paid for damages caused by another person’s negligence.
  • You can get compensation for damages caused by dangerous or unsafe products.

What is the lawyer’s fee for personal injury matters?

  • In cases involving injuries suffered, your lawyer will represent you without payment in advance. Your lawyer’s fee for representing you will be based on a percentage of the amount you receive.
  • This “contingent fee” arrangement is frequently convenient for an individual who wishes to sue for damages. Under this arrangement, your lawyer will receive no fee if your case is lost. (Of course, you still must pay certain costs directly related to your lawsuit.) Under this fee arrangement, the lawyer must invest his or her own time, effort, and office expenses without advance payment. This plan permits any injured persons, regardless of financial resources, to be represented by a private attorney in cases of this type.

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